Why do humans get put in jail if they’re seen pooping on the street, but dogs get to have humans pick their shit up?

This phenomenon appears to confine itself to dogs – no other pet receives this kind of treatment. People regularly leave their rabbits surrounded in their own feces; cats instinctively seek the litter box we lay out for them, burying their feces in a cleanly, out of view fashion; police horses don’t have to have their shit cleaned up until much, much later after 15 people’s days were already thoroughly ruined. And yet, the dog remains the only animal that we require by policy in many, many places for us to pick up their feces.

Yeah, sure, you can make the argument that most people who own pets and are taking them outside at all where other people are constantly moving would be dog owners. I’m not trying to deny this undeniable fact – it’s true that most people who walk their pets are dog owners, and that most places to walk pets are where other people walk.

Suck it, dogs. Dogs are dumb.
Do dog owners even want this to be a reality? Would they? I think they secretly enjoy picking dog poop up. (Photo from Discount Dog Poop Bags visit them for discount dog poop bags I guess)

But then why would this happen in dog parks, as well? Why are dogs so special that in a place where dogs and dog owners are the only people around, the dogs still must have their feces picked up for them? What, you could breed them to not have working nostrils but you couldn’t breed them to stick to one corner of the room where every other dog is also going because you trained them that way? Human beings learn to go to the toilet by the time they’re five, just like I did. That’s like, what, one third a year of a dog’s life? I don’t know how dog years work, it’s different for every dog anyway but who cares.

Someone needs to enlighten me about why dogs get to have their literal steaming pile of dog shit picked up and thrown neatly away by humans, but humans don’t get to do that if they’ve severely reduced their intelligence to that of a dog. What if they just really needed to go and there was no bathroom around that didn’t require you to buy something? I’m just saying, just give us a chance to pick our shit up and explain ourselves.

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