whats cat up to

whats cat up to

This is a phrase I’ve used before, for the short lived Caturday trend. You might glanced upon the phrase “whats cat up to” almost anywhere on the internet, whether it’s trying to find a new ATV Quadsome poor little welsh girl’s blog, or a page containing many pictures of cats.

Unfortunately, It’s nigh impossible to explain the true origins of whats cat up to, but there are many modern interpretations that might help.

Californian internet user “renavlt” is generally accepted to be the originator of whats cat up to, using it to post viral images and videos of cats, but the odd part was that the name stuck in it’s apostrophe-less lowercase format for years. The widely-believed reason for this is a relation to another internet phenomenon “hey evryone whatsup gamboys

The phrase has evolved into a greeting, along the lines of “what’s up dawg,” primarily seeing use in internet chatrooms, but also on popular website forums such as bodybuilding.com and IGN.

It is most unfortunate, but perhaps we will never know why this phrase caught on.

If the author is to be totally honest, the only reason this article was written so it would be likely to appear when the phrase “whats cat up to” is typed into lycos or ask jeeves or whatever search engine the kids are using these days.


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