The Modern Internet Racist – Justifying against Social Justice

We all have that crazy uncle who posts articles on Facebook about how there’s nothing wrong with the Confederate Flag. You’ve scrolled down and read a bunch of comments about how the millennial generation is far too sensitive and they’re ruining the world by getting comedians booed offstage at college campuses and stuff like that.

Recently, Reddit decided to ban a bunch of racist hate-fueled subreddit communities, the most notable of which being “coontown,” which was a community comprised of thousands of racists getting together to post things about killing all black people and other generally hateful and terrible things.

So they got rid of coontown. And this UPSET PEOPLE. That’s mindblowing. People wanted to bring a community of people who thought that an entire race of people are subhuman and don’t deserve to live BACK, in the name of “free speech.” (While of course reminding you that they aren’t racist.) If defending the existence of “coontown” is your method of fighting for free speech, then it can be rationally argued that free speech isn’t a good thing. Then they’ll draw up a slippery slope for you where not allowing people to express hateful thoughts will lead to the United States becoming North Korea.

Seriously, a guy tried to tell me that “People could start complaining about how football is offensive, and then reddit will shut down the football subreddit.” He was dead ass serious. It’s not a fine line, it’s a big fat fucking line between banning a subreddit that says “Hey, I think all black people should die to” to an extremely fringe case where a feminist or something says “Football is offensive because it’s a sport that women can’t play.”

You’ll see these comments all over places like Reddit and YouTube heavily upvoted. And it’s true that some “Social Justice Warriors” (unaffectionately referred to as “SJWs”) are overzealous and actual crybabies, but then people will start… crying… about crying…

If you’re one of those people, get a fucking grip. The SJW boogeymen are not coming for you. You’re still going to be allowed to use the word “gay” as “stupid” and nobody’s going to throw you in prison for you pretending that black people prevented you from getting into Harvard. You’re all about being a red-blooded hardass fucking American, so don’t let the little SJW crybabies get to you.

PS. If you want a really easy glimpse at what these kind of people say, the best was to do it is by checking out ShitRedditSays, which also happens to be a subreddit that people wanted banned in retaliation for losing coontown. Because it’s offensive to racists. Right.

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