Retire! #1: Hoka Clifton 4

I have this bad habit of wanting to keep clothing that either doesn’t fit anymore or has been worn out. Even though the item has no use anymore, I want to remember them or something, so I figured a decent way to memorialize them and toss them without worrying is to write a short blurb about stuff that I plan to never use again.

So without further ado,

Hoka Clifton 4 (True Blue/Jasmine Green) Size 10

Where Did I Get It?

Super Runner’s Shop on 7th Ave for full price. (MSRP says $130)

Why Did I Get It?

I needed a new pair of running shoes really bad, and Super Runner’s Shop is basically across the street from where I work. I wanted to try a Hoka Shoe as I’m a rabid Kyle Merber fanboy, so I tried these on in-store and thought that they felt decent enough to buy. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the appearance or colorway, but Kyle Merber.

How Long Did I Use It?

They were my primary long run shoe for an entire year. That’s definitely a little longer than a running shoe should last with serious use but I don’t do many long runs, and I was using other less-cushioned shoes for shorter and faster runs.

Any Special Memories?

I remember wearing these to run from my place and looped Roosevelt Island. It was one of my longest runs since High School, with some nice scenery.

Why am I getting rid of them?

  1. The soles are pretty damn worn out.

2. They hurt to run in after a couple months of use. There were no issues at the start, but eventually the inner insoles in both shoes started to tear a little bit, and the they would chafe and blister my feet up through my socks if I ran any more than 2 miles in them. (Which is obviously not good for my long run shoe)


Until they hurt, they were probably 5.5/10. They didn’t feel particularly good or bad. They were definitely cushioned enough for long runs but they definitely felt a little blocky to me. As a long run shoe, I have replaced these with the Nike Vomero 13.

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