Kith x Nike Pop-Up Pickups

As much as I love New York City Sneaker Boutique Kith, I rarely keep up with the various drops and collabs that they’re always up to, so if I find something cool there, it’s usually just by chance. Last time I stopped by KITH Manhattan, I was one day early to the Kith x Colette drops. Had I timed it properly, I would have no doubt dropped however much it takes to look like Fabolous:

But yesterday, I managed to stumble upon a Kith x Nike Olympic inspired pop-up shop. The presentation of the place was pretty incredible, with iconic shoes like Michael Johnson’s famous golden spikes from the 1996 Summer Olympics on display.

I’ve always wanted to own a Kith shirt, and yesterday, that dream finally became possible. The gimmick at this pop-up store was that they printed the shirts right there on site. You were able to choose one of 4-6 predesigned logos and then customize whatever colors you wanted. I picked the side-by-side Kith and Nike logos to make it as obvious as possible that I made it to this store, and chose a red shirt with white print, which was exactly the same as the shirt they had on display. After ordering, you could come back in about 2 hours to retrieve your shirt.


I really enjoyed the tote bag that the shirt came in, with material resembling Nike Spike bags that anybody who ever ran Track and Field should be familiar with. Even though this wasn’t even one of the limited edition print runs (Kith + Nike Swoosh shirts limited to 100 are going for $400 now) You can’t really help but to feel damn special when you walk out of a pop-up like this. Not really sure how much longer that store will be open for, but you can swing by and grab this shirt for $45, or maybe a bowl of cereal that comes in a shoebox at 644 Broadway in Manhattan.

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