No, Ann Coulter does not believe Houston is being punished for a lesbian mayor.

POTUS Donald Trump accidentally called to attention a phenomenon that has infuriated matt for years now. Ann Coulter is the latest victim of fake news. These are matt’s opinions and don’t reflect those of the other authors affiliated with FactsB.

**Let me first make it clear that I do not agree with this tweet at all and think Ann Coulter is a crazy person.

Below is a tweet from conservative pundit Ann Coulter from August 28, 2017:

For the uninformed reader, Ann Coulter is a popular conservative pundit, television personality, and author of several books. She’s renowned, perhaps infamous, for her political insights and is a frequent guest on political talk shows. She’s a Presbyterian with a traditional, conservative sense of American politics and society, and honestly is often reviled by many moderates and left-wingers alike.

One should also understand that pro-conservative parties in the United States are currently pushing the idea that the idea of climate change due to human activity is false and should be disregarded as a serious threat to our earth. This is something that they are believing, whether by choice or by political agenda. Ann Coulter is one of mind with these very people.

And so it should come to logic that Ann Coulter would also not believe in climate change. She actually believes that it is false. It should also come to reason that Ann Coulter probably believes in God, and probably doesn’t like gay people, people being gay, or gayness in general, given her staunchly pro-Republican rhetoric. So she probably believes that the Abrahamic God punishing Houston is actually a plausible occurence, based on her beliefs.

Now look at these headlines:

I searched “Ann Coulter” on Google.

Sensationalist. Bull. Hockey. This is what Donald Trump is talking about: fake news. They somehow even dropped the ball by showing (what appears to be) a man in a thong with Coulter’s head superimposed on it, when the tweet was about a lesbian mayor. This is amateur levels of shame. Not to mention equating homosexuality to a dude in a thong – come on “Queerty.”

Now read the tweet again. She didn’t actually say she believes it’s true. In fact, she opens the tweet by saying “I don’t believe Hurricane Harvey is God’s punishment for Houston electing a lesbian mayor.” How much more clearer can you get?

Yes, she’s denying climate change, but again what is news about that? It’s absurd, but at this point Ann Coulter has already made her opinions known. She’s standing behind her beliefs, and for this the news media will vilify her in any way possible. The point of her tweet wasn’t to say Houston is being punished by God, her point was to say that climate change isn’t real.

Objective reporting is possible, even when covering mummified blonde ladies who uses the power of eclipses to stay alive. And it starts with the headline.

matt’s just tired of reading “news” articles from entertainment blogs and websites that misreport or sensationalize the news. Ann Coulter knows how to make money for sure but she is probably doing a lot of harm with her talking. Anyway, follow matt @brapachinensis to stay up to date with FactsB.

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