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Reminder: Punching Nazis is okay

A lot of debate surrounds the ethics of punching Nazis. To me, there is no debate. If the Nazis are low enough for Captain America to punch, then they are low enough for me to punch.

Punching Nazis is still okay today because we suppressed Nazism with violence in the past and it worked out pretty well. In Germany, they just arrest people who promote Neo-Nazism in any form, so I don’t see why the US feels such qualms about it. You should see how the polizei operate, too. It’s a thing of beauty. So if I saw someone wearing a swastika in public, I’d be sure to kick their ass too.

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“Hey man, I have the freedom of speech okay let’s just talk about it”
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I’ve never seen someone so peacefully asleep.
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“Ain’t nothin’ to talk about.” – Actual quote from the puncher.

Let me give you a few reminders:

On September 1, 1939 the leader of then-Nazi Germany launched an invasion and attack on Europe that would throw the world into hard, bloody chaos for the next 6 years, millions dead, countries and families torn apart.

On December 7, 1941 the US entered the war after Germany’s ally Japan launched an unprovoked attack on American soil: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA.

When news of the Holocaust broke loose in Europe, and more and more atrocities committed by the Nazis became apparent, the US adopted a staunchly violent view against Nazis. Why? Because using the plight of the people in conjunction with blatant racism and homophobia to gain power and justify war is a vile and broken act that deserves no reprieve. Only swift and violent justice is the answer for these people.

Today, there are people who admire the same people who slaughtered countless humans and threw Europe into irreversible chaos and set the stage for the Cold War. There are even those who deny that the Holocaust even happened.

Many of such filth admire the Nazis because to them, they represent power, something usually lacking in the lives of Neo-Nazis. Really, they are a symptom of the system breaking down at every level to produce such dysfunctional human beings. I feel sorry for many because I’m sure bullying had a lot to do with it. But turning to Neo-Nazism to cope and feel empowered is not the answer; turning to hate and encouraging violence and race purging is not the answer.

And because I remember what the Nazis managed to do the first time around, I don’t want any of them to feel encouraged to feel the way they do. People who are incapable of realizing why they are getting punched deserve to continue to get punched then given a lengthy lecture about it. Anyone who wears the German swastika or the Iron Cross or any Nazi symbols/regalia should be considered traitors to the US. And summarily punched by the nearest US citizen.

Because remember, if Captain America can feel justified punching Nazis, so can you.

If you know anybody that promotes Neo-Nazism, or you are a Neo-Nazi, let me know. I’d be glad to sit down and have a talk with you.

Alex Jones is the greatest face of the Internet 2.0

Did you know that Alex Jones is one of the only fighters in the resistance against Google and their plans for world domination?

look at that body
Good god this man is capable of doing anything isn’t he

If you don’t know who Alex Jones is, he’s a radio show host and a pretty (in)famous conspiracy theorist. He has all kinds of zany theories, and has in recent years appeared on Joe Rogan’s radio show (among many, many others) and CNN. He’s convinced chemtrails (condensation trails from airplanes) are turning our frogs gay.

Recently, this happened:

David Hogg is that high schooler who stepped up into the national spotlight after his high school got shot up by a loser with no friends with guns. He’s seriously giving Alex Jones the time of day about this, which is outrageous and ridiculous to me.

This really confirms it, Alex Jones is the greatest pot stirrer ever. Ever since he got national media attention, people continue to feed into his bullshit at every turn. It’s quite amazing what he’s managed to do, honestly. I was really mesmerized by his explanation of Google’s plans for world domination.

I mean this guy really sounds like he’s serious, you couldn’t make up the stuff he’s saying:

So now this is the person that this David Hogg kid has to go on his show and act like Alex Jones is a sane person who is totally serious.

I don’t understand. Either Alex Jones is psycho, or he’s making all of this up and we’re all buying that he really believes it. If he doesn’t believe it, does that make him the fool? I don’t think so, I think he’s playing us either way. He’s getting paid either way.

Alex Jones is an entrepreneur and a true bearer of the American way, in my opinion. Nobody masters and synergizes free speech with capitalism, entrepeneurship as well as Alex Jones has in the last century. He’s also an expert fighter and will beat you up if you challenge him; that’s right, he’s not just a master in the debate room, he’s a master in the dojo.

I love Alex Jones.

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Why aren’t there more animated cartoons adapted from comic books?

matt wants to ask you all a question: would you not watch a cartoon series that is just recounting the plot from existing comic books?

I’m not talking about cartoons inspired by comic books. Plenty of those cartoons are being made and are still in syndication. We’ve seen Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series, two awesome Spiderman shows and one less awesome Spiderman series (I’ll let you decide which are which).

I do, I really do enjoy the Internet’s propensity toward rehashing old cartoons for bad internet jokes

There are more examples of shows based on comic books, but none are animated recreations of actual old comic book panels. We don’t see the kind of paper-to-television transfer of comic book to television in America that you see with manga-to-anime. A lot of anime and other entertainment media are direct adaptations of old Japanese comics.Continue reading “Why aren’t there more animated cartoons adapted from comic books?” »

Post-midnight thoughts 9.17.2017: Night Train Lane

A legendary footballer. Really just a baller. And an unrelated story about a really stupid professor. These are the things matt thinks about past midnight.

Night Train Lane

It’s football season again. I’ve been getting into that football mood – I’m reading everything about every team, I’m watching and re-watching Gifs of great plays from over the weekend, my day is ruined because I stop to pause for 3 hours watching the Tennessee-Florida game (what a finish huh?!), and I’m up late looking up facts about the late Night Train Lane.

This isn’t a train that you ride on tracks that go “choo! choo!” across the countryside. But he’ll hit like one, and take you for a ride – straight into the turf! Night. Night. Welcome to one of the most ferocious and feared footballers in American history.

Night Train Lane picks a pass off in a game (1952)

Richard Lane (April 16, 1928 – January 29, 2002), commonly known as Dick “Night Train” Lane, was an American football player who played cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Cardinals (now Arizona), and Detroit Lions, and Pro Football Hall of Famer (1974).


At the end of 14 seasons, Night Train Lane had amassed 68 career INTs, 1207 return yards, 6 All-NFL selections of 7 Pro-Bowls to boot. But outside of numbers, Night Train Lane’s most iconic aspect is his tackling, the ferociousness, the sheer primal violence that exudes from the force of his hits. He absolutely loved to hit.

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Jaden Smith is finally starring in his own anime

Jaden Smith, son of popular actor and accomplished rapper Will Smith, will be starring in a Netflix original anime production, slated to be released September 22nd, 2017.

How Can Anime Be Real If Jaden Smith Isn’t Starring In It

A thrilling production of a pink haired magical demon hunter is coming to you this Fall on Netflix, starring none other than your very own Jaden Smith.

I’m only a little confused by the trailer. A lot confused. I’m not going to watch this, but I think some people will want to. Jaden Smith delivers impact lines like “She’s possessed? That sucks,” and “I’m grieving the death of a relationship,” in the trailer. He’s not so much detached as he is dissociative.


Spreading the word.

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Post-midnight thoughts 8.23.2017: Some angry writing about Buzzfeed

I just wanted to angry write about Buzzfeed and how much I despise the website’s success despite its poor quality writing.

This is from an article (click to view) about duck penises and how ducks have sex from Buzzfeed, the young millenials’ choice for entertainment, news and biology:

Kelly Oakes (BuzzFeed Staff, UK)

Meanwhile there is literally more text in the first half of this screenshot (click to see entry) of Discover magazine’s blog entry from 2009 than there is in the Buzzfeed article’s actual text:

Ed Yong (Discover Magazine Blog 2009)

My point isn’t to rag on Buzzfeed for having a short and sweet, cute article on duck penises. My point isn’t to somehow demean the author of the article by comparing it to what was clearly a researched and verbose article about duck genitalia. But I just want everyone to see the difference in the quality of writing, and quietly wonder to themselves “Why have we decided that less reading is good?”Continue reading “Post-midnight thoughts 8.23.2017: Some angry writing about Buzzfeed” »

Post-midnight thoughts 8.17.2017

A random assortment of thoughts spilled out stream-of-consciousness style. I touch on controversial subjects tonight. Opinions in no way represent FactsB or other affiliated authors.

On Charlottesville, news media:
The damage being dealt to the left-wing and left-biased media outlets by the ultraconservative agenda almost seems intentional in how, as a collective, news outlets and entertainment figures are acting about and reacting to Donald Trump and various current events. Nobody seems to think before they speak, and speaking in hyperbole has become the norm. Diction matters for a reason, and consistently the staunchest critics of Donald Trump sidestep the right points by over-exaggerating certain issues that many White Americans simply don’t care about or cannot relate to yet (Except Charlottesville, that’s quite clearly a white supremacist rally and I think most people are at least concerned about it).

White nationalists march in Charlottesville. Alejandro Alvarez/News2Share/Via Reuters

They consistently give Donald Trump fuel to use in order to sway his very vocal supporters, who in turn give the news MORE fuel to exaggerate. When you make conservative pundits and outlets seem relatively sane in comparison, you might be doing something wrong. I don’t think they’re necessarily wrong nor do I feel like they should have to change. The truth of the matter is that Americans have to become smarter media consumers or else no amount of changing our tone will get through to people.

There needs to be a culture change. A popular myth states that Americans will take one year to build a bridge that lasts 10 years, but the Germans will take 10 years to build a bridge that lasts forever (one version I’ve heard). We’ve got to change our minds and the way we consume our media (and our food).
We’ve turned into a country of extremes, and I hope we can find that middle ground again.

That being said, nobody is the winner here when the US government clearly has an agenda to run this country into the ground by continuing to sabotage our education, overspend on defense, diminish healthcare, and halt social progress. But that’s just me.

On sports:
Football preseason has started, and that means everybody is out making wild assumptions about their teams record this year. Me? I predict the Broncos will have a more outstanding season than last, hopefully with a rejuvenated offense with some juice behind it. A 10-6 record would be their best record this season, I think, and they’ll probably one and done it in the post-season. Look how far ahead I am predicting this unpredictable game. Super Bowl winners? Probably the Steelers or Patriots versus the Giants or the Packers. Safe bets!

It’s going to be a good season of football as parity in the league has been restored for the most part (at first glance) with only a few outliers remaining. The Patriots dynasty is probably one of the most dominant in the history of the league, and I doubt it gets challenged by someone in the near future. The stranglehold they’ve kept on the AFC will continue to hold as Tom Brady reaches his 40th birthday while still paying in the NFL. For reference, he’s only the 33rd player to play after 40.

Tom Brady looks on as an errant pass is taken to the house for 6. The Patriots would end up winning the Super Bowl, overcoming the score of 28-3 against the Atlanta Falcons. (Getty Images via SportingNews)


My favorite draft pick this year is probably Mitch Trubisky. I think the Bears caught people by surprise with this one (because they either traded up too much or didn’t? i forget and i’m too lazy to look it up now!), and based on one preseason game I’ve seen him in I can say that I think he’ll do well in the NFL. Granted it was against 2nd and 3rd stringers, but give the guy credit where its due, yeah? That Mike Glennon looks as awful as the former starter of the Tampa Bay Bucs should, by the way.

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Soulja Boy is relevant again and that means 2017 is off to a great start.

I recently heard Chris Brown is set to fight Soulja Boy in Las Vegas. I’m not surprised to hear that Chris Brown is back to his usual habit of beating up defenseless people.

Obvious jokes aside, this event is absolutely hilarious. Everything about this is hilarious. Hilarious is the only way to describe it, because it’s crazy. The internet is crazy, and that’s okay.

I’ve often heard that there are no new jokes in the world, just more idiots. Okay, I’ve never actually heard that from anyone, I just made it up. But the point stands. Everything is cyclical I guess, and it’s hard to keep some people out of the spotlight. How did this beef even start? I almost don’t want to ever find out because the spontaneity of everything is the inherent funny.


I’m having a very hard time believing this fight actually goes through at all. I’m 80% certain the fight will be canceled before we even get close to the fight date because both parties will mutually agree to reconcile their differences in other ways. That’s how these things usually play out.

But on the off-chance that Chris Brown and Soulja Boy actually throw down on live television, you can bet your ass I’ll be stuck to my TV like glue. This is a fight that I definitely want to watch; whether or not it’s a beat down from either side, the fight is bound to feature some expertly shoddy technique and questionable decision-making by all parties involved (present decision to fight notwithstanding). Watching either of these two get beaten up will be endlessly satisfying, but I’m just so afraid the event will not live up to the hype.

And that’s the danger with these beefs, they rarely ever actually reach a definite conclusion. Like most reasonable people who are at an age where they should not be settling problems with fights, they will probably squash their beef elsewhere. I’m left wondering if it’s okay to actively root for two men to resort to violence, but then I remember that I will enjoy it no matter what happens. And then I feel better about myself.


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Critter – Big World

(I actually put together this video myself from old studio diary footage in Premiere.)

My obsession with Sierra Kusterbeck is still alive and kicking. I think most of her old fans have given up on her after watching her instagram and snapchat herself in the studio for like 2 years with nothing to show, but the former VersaEmerge singer finally dropped this on her CRITTER soundcloud 2 weeks ago. This is definitely a “sit back REEEE-lax” chill tune and after some research I found the instrumentals were produced by a guy called “Stwo” who probably intended for the track to be rapped and not sung over. Sippin on that Sizzurp.

I think she sounds fantastic on this production. The lyrics she tends to write these days really seem to fit this laid back style of music over the epic spacey stuff or even the harder electronic she’s released over the last few years. I don’t know the deal between her and Blake Harnage or if they’re even making music together anymore, but I actually think they are better off making music separately. Blake is great at what he does, producing PVRIS who are a female fronted band that might now be bigger than VersaEmerge ever was. He also produced Alyssa Bernal’s Wasted Love which has the exact sound that electronic-age Versa was supposed to have and never achieved. I just don’t think the two fit together anymore. It worked great on Perceptions when they were still transitioning out of Post-Hardcore and could cover up their mismatch with guitars and warped tour-style energy, but when its just the two of them I don’t really think they’re a match.

I’m kind of writing this post like I’m mad at her or something, but I still believe in Sierra. This track just gave me even more hope that she’s finally found her new style in this kind of music and will release more songs like this and less like Domesticated Girl.