Month: October 2017

You’re too stupid and poor to get rich from bitcoin.

I’ve known plenty of seemingly smart people who have said things like “My holographic Charizard 1st edition will be worth hundreds of dollars in a few years.” Everyone’s got one of those. Shut up.

Buy and hold, baby.

Working in the FX and Equity Trading industry, I get a lot of investment questions from friends of mine. I used to be bothered that they’d ask me things like, “I’ve got 50 bucks to invest, can you help me make the right stock plays to become a millionaire?” But what has really annoyed me even more lately are basically any questions about whether they should invest money into bitcoins or not. And that’s mostly because if they’re asking me, it’s not even a question anymore. They’ve already decided that they’re gonna buy some, and also want my validation that it’s a good idea.

I usually answer with something like,

“I don’t trust cryptocurrencies because it’s hard to determine the real underlying value behind it. Blockchain technology is interesting, but most people are just trying to get rich off of it, and it’s heavily inflating the value.”

Which always gets a response like,

“You make a good point, but I still think there’s money to be made. The price went up 200% in the last month! I think I can get into bitcoin before it pops.”

And I don’t disagree that the price of bitcoin will keep going up for a while. It started off as a toy used by tech savvy nerds and online drug kingpins, but now cryptocurrency has begun to reach the market of speculative beanie baby and tulip bulb buyers. You know, people who have received large inheritances from a Nigerian prince.

Hello sir you have been named for receive inheritance of 200 btc. Please provide your coinbase wallet details.

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Lil B got jumped and the entire world, my world is hurting. Pray for the Based God.

Lil B got attacked and the world is hurting. Read social media reactions.

October 21st is a national tragedy – lower the flags to half mast. That someone would attack Lil B is so shocking to me. To jump someone 1 deep over their comments about your music, you have to be crazy insecure. Sad!

I still can’t believe this happened. Still, Lil B had nothing but positive things to say about what happened to him. He only preached love, no violence or retaliation.

Absolutely no excuse for this kind of violence.

matt is right with The Based God – violence is whack! Love always trumps hate guys, don’t hate anybody just give more love sometimes that’s all you can do. Follow matt @brapachinensis

Local girlfriend declines Chinese hot pot, makes man get pho for 19th time this month.

Area man “Armando Rodriguez” airs his frustrations out to FactsB regarding his girlfriend’s dietary choices of late.

“Please, not pho again. It’s the 30th time this month. Come on!”

October 21st, Federal Way, WA “I didn’t want to drive to Seattle,” a local girlfriend explained when her boyfriend started writing an article about her decision to eat pho for the 20th time this month.

Armando Rodriguez and Taylor Heels were deciding on what to eat when Armando reportedly found an advert for Chinese hot pot, an all-you-can-eat affair that involves a rich broth and a variety of meat ingredients.

However, when Armando suggested to Taylor that they go to gorge on this delicious offer, Taylor allegedly declined and suggested they have pho at the local Vietnamese restaurant for the 21st time this month, forcing an argument.

“We went to the pho place just last week!” Armando told FactsB. “I mean I get it, pho is great. It’s delicious. But I wanted Chinese hot pot, dammit. I’m so tired of pho, this was the 22nd time this month.”

FactsB also learned that Taylor ordered the P3 yet again without even looking at the menu.

“Stop writing about me,” an annoyed Taylor told FactsB. “I’m moving out. When I’m gone for the holidays, I’m gone forever. The more you type, the more you’re solidifying my decision to move out forever.”

“Why are you like this. I just want you to stop.”

matt is just joking stop being so mad lmao follow matt @brapachinensis

Why aren’t there more animated cartoons adapted from comic books?

matt wants to ask you all a question: would you not watch a cartoon series that is just recounting the plot from existing comic books?

I’m not talking about cartoons inspired by comic books. Plenty of those cartoons are being made and are still in syndication. We’ve seen Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series, two awesome Spiderman shows and one less awesome Spiderman series (I’ll let you decide which are which).

I do, I really do enjoy the Internet’s propensity toward rehashing old cartoons for bad internet jokes

There are more examples of shows based on comic books, but none are animated recreations of actual old comic book panels. We don’t see the kind of paper-to-television transfer of comic book to television in America that you see with manga-to-anime. A lot of anime and other entertainment media are direct adaptations of old Japanese comics.Continue reading “Why aren’t there more animated cartoons adapted from comic books?” »

Listen to this Vince Staples Freestyle – Rubbin Off The Paint

Vince Staples serving some ice cold Sprite with this new freestyle. Give it a listen.

Click the picture to give it a listen.

He’s one of the best rappers on the scene right now, and he’s serving up another W with this freestyle. Vince Staples flows over BN Nahmir’s popular single, Rubbin Off The Paint.

Follow Vince Staples Twitter @vincestaples. Personally I find it great – matt