Month: January 2017

how much money do you need to move to nyc?

there probably really isn’t even a real answer for this.

i’ve been attempting to move to anywhere in NYC that has a decent commute to midtown on an 80k salary, and it just really doesn’t make sense for me to do it even though i currently lose 3 hours a day commuting from long island.

the truth is everyone is getting their ass kicked when it comes to NYC rent. my friends who are making 100k+ aren’t really saving that much more than their 50k counterparts. they just end up spending way more. if you’re living in nyc on 50k, you’re making a lot of sacrifices that even doubling your salary isn’t going to fix entirely. on 50k, you’re not eating out, (in the best city TO eat out) sharing an apartment with 5 people, (hopefully not a bedroom, at least) not going to concerts, plays, shopping in soho, taking ubers, generally not participating in all of the expensive stuff that makes nyc the great city it is.

could i move to NYC? absolutely! do i want to pay $1500 a month to live in a box? not really.

typed grumpily on the long island railroad

Soulja Boy is relevant again and that means 2017 is off to a great start.

I recently heard Chris Brown is set to fight Soulja Boy in Las Vegas. I’m not surprised to hear that Chris Brown is back to his usual habit of beating up defenseless people.

Obvious jokes aside, this event is absolutely hilarious. Everything about this is hilarious. Hilarious is the only way to describe it, because it’s crazy. The internet is crazy, and that’s okay.

I’ve often heard that there are no new jokes in the world, just more idiots. Okay, I’ve never actually heard that from anyone, I just made it up. But the point stands. Everything is cyclical I guess, and it’s hard to keep some people out of the spotlight. How did this beef even start? I almost don’t want to ever find out because the spontaneity of everything is the inherent funny.


I’m having a very hard time believing this fight actually goes through at all. I’m 80% certain the fight will be canceled before we even get close to the fight date because both parties will mutually agree to reconcile their differences in other ways. That’s how these things usually play out.

But on the off-chance that Chris Brown and Soulja Boy actually throw down on live television, you can bet your ass I’ll be stuck to my TV like glue. This is a fight that I definitely want to watch; whether or not it’s a beat down from either side, the fight is bound to feature some expertly shoddy technique and questionable decision-making by all parties involved (present decision to fight notwithstanding). Watching either of these two get beaten up will be endlessly satisfying, but I’m just so afraid the event will not live up to the hype.

And that’s the danger with these beefs, they rarely ever actually reach a definite conclusion. Like most reasonable people who are at an age where they should not be settling problems¬†with fights, they will probably squash their beef elsewhere. I’m left wondering if it’s okay to actively root for two men to resort to violence, but then I remember that I will enjoy it no matter what happens. And then I feel better about myself.


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