Month: November 2016

Post-election Thoughts: Donald Trump must suppress new emboldened racists

Donald Trump is now the president-elect and waits for January. Has his rise also given way to casual racism and bigotry, from both sides of the deal? If he wants the nation’s respect, then he needs to say “Yes,” and then deal with it.

The election has come and gone and the unimaginable has happened: Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. Though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a slim margin, the electoral college opted to select the Republican candidate this time around, and honestly I cannot even blame them.

How can the average American feel okay with a president who has spouted racist and bigoted rhetoric before? One who has so far demonstrated at best a bare minimum knowledge of policy matters? I mean, how can I sit comfortably knowing that the dude from The Apprentice pretending to be a mean old bully is now waiting to become one of the most powerful people on the planet, complete with a side of a loaded Congress and access to the Supreme Court?

The answer: I’m really not thrilled.

Protester holds up a peace sign flag during peaceful protest in Portland. Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA/AP (Click Image for Story)

But: Donald Trump won’t be the worst president of all time I assure you. If I was forced to vote, I would have voted Trump. I didn’t vote, but that’s besides the point. At this point I trust Donald Trump more than Hillary Clinton. However, he has a long laundry list of problems to resolve after this election cycle. His immediate concern was addressing the protests that turned violent Thursday night, and though his initial response was typical Trump venom, a softer response appeared on Friday.

What I’d really like to home in on here is the fact that Donald Trump probably isn’t actually a warmongering Muslim-hating racist that wants gay marriages nullified. An old friend of the Clinton family, Trump has said before that he would take advantage of American Republicans to win an election if he ever ran. Donald Trump simply put his money where his mouth is. He’s got big money and a big mouth, apparently.

For a country that touts the individuality of its citizens as one of its greatest strengths, the US population is, at least on the surface, deeply polarized when it comes to politics. Party lines define political needs and social boundaries. You vote by the red or blue you identify with, or at least the one that resembles them the most. Donald Trump took advantage of this, for a cost.

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