Month: February 2016

Critter – Big World

(I actually put together this video myself from old studio diary footage in Premiere.)

My obsession with Sierra Kusterbeck is still alive and kicking. I think most of her old fans have given up on her after watching her instagram and snapchat herself in the studio for like 2 years with nothing to show, but the former VersaEmerge singer finally dropped this on her CRITTER soundcloud 2 weeks ago. This is definitely a “sit back REEEE-lax” chill tune and after some research I found the instrumentals were produced by a guy called “Stwo” who probably intended for the track to be rapped and not sung over. Sippin on that Sizzurp.

I think she sounds fantastic on this production. The lyrics she tends to write these days really seem to fit this laid back style of music over the epic spacey stuff or even the harder electronic she’s released over the last few years. I don’t know the deal between her and Blake Harnage or if they’re even making music together anymore, but I actually think they are better off making music separately. Blake is great at what he does, producing PVRIS who are a female fronted band that might now be bigger than VersaEmerge ever was. He also produced Alyssa Bernal’s Wasted Love which has the exact sound that electronic-age Versa was supposed to have and never achieved. I just don’t think the two fit together anymore. It worked great on Perceptions when they were still transitioning out of Post-Hardcore and could cover up their mismatch with guitars and warped tour-style energy, but when its just the two of them I don’t really think they’re a match.

I’m kind of writing this post like I’m mad at her or something, but I still believe in Sierra. This track just gave me even more hope that she’s finally found her new style in this kind of music and will release more songs like this and less like Domesticated Girl.