Month: June 2015

A touching story about a deer.

I hung out with my friend and his gf for a bit earlier today and we talked and chilled and other stuff and then talked and chilled and laughed and laughed and laughed. After they left around 11 I found myself still in too giggly of a mood to go to sleep, so I decided to see how well I could jog around campus while in this state.

As I was passing the third of the route which borders a densely forested area I saw a deer. I didn’t think much of it aside from “oh neat, its like a wild pokemon but in real life” and continued along my way.

Could you believe this adorable motherfucker started running by my side for a good 5 minutes. I’ve never seen deer on campus regard humans with anything but caution and yet this guy decided to come along on my trip so jubilantly.

Unfortunately once we reached a major road which divides that section of campus from its more developed region s/he halted and just stared as I ran away.

I waved goodbye but I doubt deer understand human hand gestures. Locking eyes with it though felt so magical, I felt like the connection was so mutual and it was just beautiful.

eheu I hope that deer has a good life

How to Actually Make Money From Uber-Style Bike Delivery.

EDIT: I wrote this post because it was my first day and I was mad.  Since then, I can pull in like $12-20 an hour by putting myself on the schedule and not delivering for shitty places like Life Alive.

First of all, working Uber-style bike delivery IS an absolute scam.  There’s a billion different services and most of them aren’t gonna pay you crap.  I picked a gig up as a second job borrowing my roommate’s bike.  However, I didn’t have a good time, spent more on a bike lock than I made being “on-duty” for 8 hours (keep in mind i only did 3 deliveries though) but there’s a way to make a quick buck here or there working for these services.

I started the day biking to the city center, around where all of the stores that the service delivers from was but it was 2-5pm, and everyone who would be ordering from this service was at work.  3 hours of no orders.

Go back home but stay on duty.  The only worthwhile order I did all day comes in.  Chipotle.  Only had to do 1.5 miles or so of biking for $5 and got a $2 tip, probably because I told her it was my first delivery ever.

Picked up some cookies from a bakery, but biked all the way to Brighton to do it.  Not worth it.

Later, I picked up an order at “Life Alive” one of those “Indian Chipotle” restaurants that are actually becoming pretty common these days.  The restaurant is located in Cambridge, and I was coming from Fenway.  The line was out the door.  I waited 45 minutes.  Then I delivered to a guy who was only an 8 minute bike away.  4 fucking dollars for an hour and 30 minutes and miles of biking since you don’t get paid by your original location.

I was exhausted.  Got home at 9 and slept for 12 fucking hours.

Obviously not a good day, so here’s what you do.

  1. If you don’t live inside the boundary, don’t even bother.  You’ll commute in and might not do any deliveries or only make $12.
  2. If you’re trying to be financially stable off of this job, don’t even bother.
  3. Only work during nights on weekdays.  Weekends will have more orders since people aren’t working and can afford to pay a $6 delivery charge on a burrito.
  4. Never be pumped up like you’re ready to bang out 3 orders in an hour.  It’s not going to happen.
  5. Only pick up from places within .5 miles of you and won’t have a massive wait.
  6. Only work during blitz hours where there’s high demand.  If blitz starts and you’re already working on a delivery, you lose blitz time and won’t get the extra payout.

incoherent rambling: rose tinted glasses/hazelwood clique

we really were the squad back then.  the perfect level of dysfunction and friendship.  but it was doomed to fail. you can only have people dating within the same friend circle for so long before it implodes with drama.  then other people go off to bigger and better things.  college, real people jobs.  others just disappear off the face of the earth.

rose tinted glasses – if someone looks at something through rose-tinted glasses, they see only the pleasant parts of it

i’m not in touch with anyone regularly with the exception of e since she lives in boston, but for the brief interactions i have with the others, they’re always talking about how great the old days were and aside from people who joined greek life in college, they’d never have a group of friends that big ever again.

i always had a lot of presence in that group and it was never because i was super charismatic or anything.  i was there from the beginning, i guess.  starting with the crush on anna that turned into people wishing i would move to east meadow and transfer to clarke.  i was just always in favor of the queen bee, i dated the right two girls who wouldn’t socially exile me from the group if we broke up, and i might have been the only one who never got into any fights. (not counting anything personal between e and i)

maybe that was why shit fell apart like that though.  when people in that group dated, it felt like everyone was involved in it.  we would all hear their fights, we would all pick a side.  and by the end of it, someone was always gone.  there was even a group split.  any of us would be able to name the whole clique, but like after a certain point, i never saw guys like derek, don, or alisa after i turned like, 16.  we would be there in the fucking summer before we went to college like “yeah derek is the homie” but nobody had invited him to anything for years.  e learned her lesson after breaking up with drew, and when we dated it wasn’t a group affair.

so yeah, there were outcasts but the by way the friend group was built up, some people were a lot worse off than others.  people who went to clarke or baldwin or plainview or any of the other high schools that the clique drew from were usually fine.  because they were cool enough at their school to be drawn in by queen/king bee and then they’d just go off to their other friends.  derek, don, and alisa were plainview kids and they could still be friends with each other.

but the kids who were the “only one from carle place” weren’t the most popular kids at their own high school and that fucked them up hard.  i probably would’ve been pretty fucked up if i was outcast.  i was the only consistent member of the group from calhoun and i’m convinced my generally confident/likeable personality wouldn’t have developed the way it did without hanging around people like anna and drew.  i cant find any of these kids on social media.

i always remember my times with them as great, and i guess because i was never on the shitty end of things, and the people i’m still in contact with were always on top.  nobody pissed off sophie or drew and got to stay on the island.

i’d really like to talk to derek or don and see what their perspective is on the whole thing.

I Can’t Stay In Touch with ANYBODY

That isn’t right in front of my face, at least.

It’s really funny that at any point during my life, I’ve ever said or thought “I have no friends” because it’s entirely my fucking fault.  I realized this as I scrolled through my text inbox and just about every conversation ends with them sending the last text, and there are two people I should have texted back days ago, and four people who I really should be in contact with like, every day.  Some of these people include a person who I’ve told, “I really would love to stay in touch with you, you’re my favorite person ever” at least 5-8 times since 2010, this really cute girl from college/potential romantic interest who said she’d visit me in Boston, and I guess people I consider my best friends.

And it’s not because I neglect my phone or anything.  I’m a twitter fiend.  The guy who was my best friend throughout all of elementary and high school had pretty much no idea what was going on in my life while I was in college and was confused when other people knew how I was doing, but it was because they followed me on twitter, not because I actually interacted with them.  Plus, I’m always looking to make plans for fun shit to do with my buddies around here, but I’ll always have an excuse not to text someone like, “Oh, I’ll be taking a nap soon,” or “It’s too late to start a conversation.”  So yeah, I’ve been called out on being an asshole about that, and I guess I really am.  

So I am an absolutely worthless texter unless you’re:

  • In my city and able to hang out, so we’re making plans
  • A Significant Other (I managed to Skype a girl while she was studying abroad in Europe for hours a night for probably 2 months straight, and probably had a minor panic attack when she got lost in Poland one night and didn’t show up on Skype.)

And of course, here I am writing this blog post and not texting any of these people back.


My sincerest apologies to Keisha.  I’m the worst.  I will text you back.  (Tomorrow)

It’s all about that Shiny Pidgey, baby.

Oh my God. I have a very serious problem. I’m fucking crying because of how stupid I am.

Okay, so my boyfriend was supposed to come over to my house today because I was going to a movie with him. He lives about 20 minutes away, and the movie we were supposed to see started at 4:15, which was in about 40 minutes. I figured “cool, I’ll just play Pokemon while I wait”.

So I’m playing Pokemon, and having a pretty damn good time. Anyway, he finally does show up, except he’s crying as he walks into my room. Instead of doing the right thing by comforting him, I half-focus on my game and him. He starts telling me his cat died, and just as he was getting into it, I get into a random encounter in my game.

A shiny pidgey. Holy shit. (For those of you who don’t know/care, shiny Pokemon have less than a 1/1,000 chance of appearing; 1/8192 to be exact.). I stare into my screen in amazement, yelling “holy shit, YES”, interrupting him mid-story. He sobs more, and he starts to yell “You don’t even fucking care! YOU JUST WANT TO PLAY YOUR FUCKING GAME!” I’m still looking at my screen, still focusing on catching my shiny Pidgey, when he walks over, and tosses the game against the wall. I run over and pick up my DS hoping that nothing has changed on screen, and quickly noticed that he broke it. My system and my shiny Pidgey, gone forever.

I start screaming every obscenity I know, and started flailing my arms around. I didn’t know he was behind me, and apparently I backhanded him in the face while I was being a dumbass and swinging my fists around. He yells out “FUCK YOU”, and runs out of my house in tears.

What have I done? I’ve fucked up so badly, and I need to know how to approach him. I don’t want a game of Pokemon to be responsible for ruining my best relationship ever.

Nothing but love for Hermiione, but this story was too good not to save.  I just love how she broke down “For those of you who don’t know/care, shiny Pokemon have less than a 1/1,000 chance of appearing; 1/8192 to be exact.” Like still shows her excitement over that shiny Pidgey.  I would be so distraught if I was that dude lol.

Bootstrap Life: That’s why they call it a union.

So since I pretty much have no income from this internship gig, I decided to apply to a second job.  My buddy Matt in Washington has a part time gig with UPS and I decided to apply to the same job.  I figured lifting packages and shit would be a good alternative to not having access to a gym.

So I filled out the application, expecting it to give me one of those 8-hour long personality tests that every single minimum wage job requires.  Instead, it immediately gave me a time to schedule a job interview.  That’s when you should realize there’s something horribly, horribly wrong.

And of course there was.  It’s a union job that requires $500 for initiation.  Yes, $500 for your seasonal (employment automatically terminates on September 15th) and $10.10 an hour at 3-4 hours a day for 5 days a week.  So you’re taking like $90 home a week for manual labor.  That’s a fucking joke.  You don’t get health benefits or anything as a seasonal employee, nor do you get to keep working after your initiation fees.  What a joke.

The HR woman did provide some “hype” to the whole gig, like you could become a truck driver if you eventually learn how to drive a truck, but uh, I’m only here for the summer and that’s not my thing.  Thanks.

Sometimes people can’t help but make a fool of themselves.

Where do you live – in Texas? South Asians and Middle Easterns are also like that as well. Many racist stereotypes do not apply to me. Small dick? How is 5 inches small? Last time I checked that was average. Not having a masculine appearance? If you’re talking about my body, then yes since I’m very skinny – but my face, then that’s where you’re wrong. – gordonchoong in “Asians being the model minority is not a good thing”

Like damn son, no need to sound so aggressive about your 5 inch dick.


So I’ve moved into my new apartment for the summer, and I’m really thinking that I lucked out by NOT trying to find a place to live ahead of time.  I’m living by Fenway Park and paying $750 per month, which is a pretty incredible price for the area.  There’s a T stop right behind my place, and it’s a 40 minute walk to work.  Some of the earlier places I looked at were charging over $1000 per month, were further away, and had some pretty stupid rules like no visitors, or pretty much no noise at all.

The people that I’m living with are extra chill, I went out barhopping with them around Fenway Park, definitely a ton of cool places out here.

However, I still have to think about finding a second job so I can walk away this summer with some money instead of having it all eaten up by rent.