Month: May 2015

Yet Another Blog.

I’m not sure how many blogs I’ve created and haven’t been able to maintain, but here’s yet another one.

Where am I at in my life right now?  For one, I should be graduating this semester, but I’m not due to changing my major and getting a D in a class.  It’s frustrating that I’m seeing all of my friends move on to bigger and better things, and I’ve still gotta make sure I can even graduate in this one extra semester.

On the bright side, I’ve landed a pretty sweet internship with Karmaloop in Boston and I’m excited to work for them this summer.  It’s been kind of stressful trying to figure out living arrangements and making sure that I’ll be coming out of this summer making money rather than losing money, but it’ll be a good experience, I think.

So on my to do list at the moment:

  • Study for finals: Business Law, Resource Law, Finance, Commodities/Futures, Commodity Marketing Systems (in that respective order)
  • Figure out housing in Boston: Using craigslist and airbnb at the moment, trying to spend less than $1000 a month on rent, including utilities.
  • Figure out how to get out of jury duty considering I won’t be in New York for the entire summer, pretty much.
  • Schedule and find housing for my last semester of undergrad. (More complicated than you think because my major is stupid.)