Track of the Day: Gazzo – Sun Turns Cold

This isn’t exactly a new song, but I ran into it on Spotify, and the drop to this is super dank and catchy. Gazzo is an EDM dude who made the song that my old roommate Luke listened to about 6 times a day because he was featured in a music video with “Never Touch The Ground” in the background. I still listen to that song ironically since it’s been drilled into my head, along with “Hold On We’re Going Home” some Robin Thicke song I don’t know the name of, and “I Could Be The One”

I think I’m literally going to make a “Luke” playlist. It’d be really easy to make, and it’s perfect for bros who just love EDM and Drake.

Which reminds me, I gotta put together a new playlist. For whatever reason my 5 day playlist keeps playing the same damn Gorillaz tracks over and over again even on shuffle.

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